Turkey discovered to be supporting Islamic State jihad terror network in India

The would-be caliph of course supports jihad activity. It is, in fact, his duty to further such activity.

“Turkey supporting ISIS terror netrowk [sic] in India, probe agencies concerned: Report,” by Manish Shukla, Zee News, September 5, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

NEW DELHI: Following a recent security assessment, it has been found that Turkey has been funding and supporting anti-India terror activities and Islamic organisations in India.

Indian security agencies have gathered inputs suggesting that Turkey-based handlers, with apparent support from the Ankara government, had facilitated a group of Indian terrorists in travelling to Syria and fight for the global terror network of ISIS there. The recent arrests of ISIS terrorists in India reestablished this fact, as they confessed to reaching Syria via Turkey and returning via the same route. Their admission into ISIS was facilitated by handlers based out of Turkey.

The Indian Security agencies are increasingly getting concerned as they anticipate the use of Pakistan-based terror groups by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to trouble India and boost his popularity among South Asian Muslims.

“Turkey’s attempts to fund Islamic organisations based in India, collaboration with political and non-profit groups, and subversion of Indian students are a couple of things that are adding to India’s worries,” said an Indian security official working with the central security establishment.

President Erdogan’s son Bilal is the commander of subversive and radical Islamist missions. Over the past few years, he has been leading covert operations to brainwash populations and sabotage opponents in Turkey as well as across the world, including India.

Security experts believe India needs to focus on the accelerated activities of Turkey inside India at a par with its focus on hostilities emerging from it at the global fora. Erdogan’s affinity with terrorist outfits and moves of promoting radical Islamist agenda has started to concern India as well.

Erdogan is on a rapid spree of converting historical Byzantine monuments into mosques. Indeed, he wants to achieve a lot in very little time. After converting the famed Hagia Sophia, a UNSECO world heritage site, to a mosque in July, Erdogan converted Istanbul’s other monument, Kariye (Chora) Church, also a UNESCO world heritage site, into a mosque. The monument has been a museum for decades and attracted tourists from all over the world. It was converted into a mosque and opened for prayers through a presidential order on August 21.

Apart from fulfilling his agenda of political Islam, another major reason behind such decision is Erdogan’s own radicalisation as he actively participated in radical Islamic movements of converting these structures into mosques during his young days….

He restructured Diyanet and appointed his party members and loyalists, tasking them with building an army of radical Islamic preachers who could promote radicalism within Turkey and political Islam elsewhere in the world. He is rapidly pumping in money to Diyanet for fulfilling the objectives.

According to recent reports of the Turkish media, Diyanet spent 29 million Turkish Liras to fund 1,523 conservative Islamic groups and to construct mosques. It also granted an amount of 35 million Turkish Liras to radical Islamic non-profit orgnisations — most of them aligned to Erdogan’s party. The expenditure on promoting religious extremism is always rising as the current allocation was 15% more than the previous year….